Jul 2, 2012

The #1 Secret to Being Successful That's Rarely Taught to Us

What if the key to success is something so simple that...

...you'd smack your forehead in disbelief because you didn't think about it?

I don't hold the secret to the universe, unfortunately, but I do want to share a technique that's not taught often.

A shame, if you asked me.

Why? Because this method is effective!

Did you know that you can write your way to success*?

Are you tired of being negative Nancy? Of having projects fall through because fear and doubt get the better of you?

Perhaps you've been worrying too much? About not having enough finances, not spending enough time with kids, fighting a lot with your husband, or not getting the dream job you want.

Maybe you just want good things to come to you but don't know how and where to start

Harness the power of positive thinking! (It works)

The power of positive thinking is undeniable. There is no need for scientific research because I can assure you it works. I've done it one too many times.

Why listen to me?

Because like you, I'm a just another person who wants a better life. And here's how I'm doing it.

{This post was inspired by Lynn Reilly, a professional school counselor, who reminded me about this writing technique which I read about last year. You can read more about how she uses this on kids here.

Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.

Negative thoughts are equally as powerful as positive ones. How do you get rid of them?

1. Hello Negative Thoughts

On the left side of a piece of paper, write down thoughts that bother you the most right now. It could be 5, 10 or 15. Whatever they are, just: Write. Them. Down. And be as specific as possible.

How do you know what negative thoughts are? (a) Thinking about them make you feel bad or heavy, (b) They usually contain words like: can't, won't, not. Examples:

  • I probably won't get a job I want and love. I'm not as lucky as my sister.
  • I can't be patient with my kids because they just don't cooperate, especially during the times when I'm most stressed.
  • I won't lose weight so why bother. 

2. Hello Positive Thoughts 

Next, write down the opposite and positive version of your negative thoughts on the right side of the paper. Again, be as specific as possible.

How do you know what positive thoughts are? (a) They make you smile or feel lighter just by thinking about them, (b) They usually contain the words or phrases such as: I will, I can, and I am good enough.

  • I will get a job that I want and love.
  • I will and can be patient with my children.
  • I will achieve my ideal weight.

3. Attach Specific Goals to Positive Thoughts

Think of this step like adding virtual train tracks to your life so you can guide the train to a desired destination.

Include realistic and positive goals (are there negative ones?!?) to your positive thoughts.

  • I will get a job that I want and love by continuing to look for it every week.
  • I will and can be patient with my children by taking it a day at a time and remembering that it may take a few reminders - okay, a LOT - before they follow.
  • I will achieve my ideal weight by setting aside 30-minute, simple work-out sessions three times a week.

Why will this work? Reading this daily or weekly keeps you and your efforts focused on the big picture. Besides, having a plan and goal to stick to is more productive than wallowing in fear, doubt and self-pity - so pick yourself up right now!

Negative thoughts are like swarming mosquitoes! Gotta get them out of the way so you can focus on being awesome.

Ready to start?

Give this a try now, even for just a week. If you notice a difference in your disposition - and you will - be sure to come back and tell me about it.

"You are what you think. So think well, and think good thoughts." -- tweet this now!

*Success is a relative term. We each have different definitions of it and the beauty of this "writing technique" is that it will apply to your version of success.

Photo credit: creative commons flickr via glassdesk