May 5, 2012

A glacial pace for losing weight - hey, at least I'm trying!

I've known for a while that it needed to be done.

But it's too much work.

Too much sacrifice.

Yet, while I resist and complain, the reasons for doing it are becoming painfully obvious.

My cheeks are puffier, double chin is bigger and belly is rounder.

Yes, losing weight sucks but it's something I need to do...


But it ain't gonna happen - that fast, I mean.

It has to be gradual, otherwise I won't even try to do it.

So what's my solution?

Baby steps - infant steps to be more precise.

Each week I will decrease and increase: lessen unhealthy food (decrease) and find ways to either consume healthier food or exercise (increase).

Starting this Monday, my rice intake will be 1/2 cup per meal for the whole week, and I will *try* to eat more fruits and raw vegetables when the munchies grab a hold of me.

Small changes indeed, but ones that are completely doable so I don't easily get frustrated.

Slow and steady as they say.

So, what's the takeaway, dear reader?

If you're like me, stick to small but achievable goals.

Smart, eh?