May 4, 2012

Is writing becoming stressful? Write more then!

Writing is an exhilarating process.

From nothing, you create something.

But not just something that's anything. What you create is a work of art in itself - yes you can paint with words.

Brush strokes are the general tone of your post:
  • light and feathery strokes are fun and light posts, while 
  • heavy strokes are forceful or emotion-packed posts 
And if you ask most writers why they enjoy their craft, they will say it's therapeutic.

But what happens when you're pressured to come up with an article every few days or so? Writing can start to seem like a chore - and wow, I can't believe I actually typed that.

It's true though.

Which is why I feel so happy as I write this now. This blog gives me the opportunity to write the way I want to - no keywords of flashy headlines.

This blog is far away from that world. This is self-expression at its purest.

And when writing is pure, it is:


So my challenge for you today, if you want to live better, is to log-off from all the social media sites you have, all the communities you are part of. Go to a quiet place, sit down and begin typing.

Whether it be random thoughts, a letter to your husband, a poem or whatever it is your brain takes you - WRITE.

Do so without pressures and parameters set by the blogging world.

Write as if there were no rules at all.

This will relax you - and this is what Living Life Smarter is about, remember?

Live smarter. Live better.