May 7, 2012

I forced myself to watch TV - you shoud too!

Why did I have to force myself to watch TV today?

Yeah, I know... sounds odd.

While most are trying to peel themselves from the telly, here I am saying that I literally had to force myself to watch.


My work revolves around my laptop.

From the moment I woke up today until now (it's 10:52pm), I've mostly been typing away.

Sure I had bathroom and meal breaks, even played with the kiddo for a while and made sure he did his homework.

But aside from that?

My nose has been 3 feet away from the laptop's screen.

Will I ever get to the story?

Yes, be patient.

If you don't know yet, I love dark, paranormal and macabre TV shows. Grimm is my new favorite and I religiously follow the weekly showing on cable.


It was scheduled to air today.

So I was on my bed with the laptop on my...erm....lap. When the show started, I found my attention divided between 2 screens: the laptop and TV.

Not. Good. At. All.

The 1 hour show was my only "real break" and I couldn't seem to peel myself off the darn computer.

So I made a resolve to just watch and get my mind off work.

The takeaway?


And yes, I'm shouting.

Whether it be watching TV, reading a book, taking a stroll, knitting, sewing, cooking or working out... do it, even if it means you'd be away from work for a while.

We need to recharge and feel rejuvenated.

You'd be surprised at how better you feel after a quick relaxing session.

Challenge: Can you set aside 30 minutes today just for yourself?

Let me know the answer by commenting, and if you're having trouble getting away from work or chores to take a break, let me help. But first you have to tell me you need help. I trust you know how. :)