May 9, 2012

Unplugging Without Really Unplugging

Okay, okay so I'm playing with words.

Sue me.

Before you do though, listen up.

A little blue bird told me (Twitter) that some folks stayed true to screen free week (which happened last week).

And it's good if you can do it.

I can't.

So what's the next best thing?

Unplugging without really unplugging.

Here's how it works.

Social media and emails are distractions. (Yes, I know you're nodding.) They often get in the way of starting to write since you feel obliged to respond immediately to queries on guest posting, sponsored posts, meetings, etc.

So, don't log in to gmail. Turn off Twitter notifications on your smart phone. Log off Empire Avenue. Heck, it's even better if you switch off your internet connection, unless your writing requires research.

After that, you're left with just the keyboard, monitor and yourself.

Assuming your children or dogs are busy in the other room, you've got silence to accompany you.

Now that's what I call unplugging without really unplugging.


You're free to start writing.

Ideas should flow better, not to mention faster. And, here's my favorite:

You just learned to live smarter, thereby living better.

Try it today. It will increase your productivity.