May 22, 2012

Would you believe in ghosts, even if someone close to you saw them?

We recently installed cameras in key areas of the house...

Where ill-intentioned folks would first have to set foot first.

That way, we can blast them with BB guns right where it hurts (this is more for male perpetrators, if you catch my drift).

The cameras are hooked up to a main computer and through the wonders of technology, our smart phones can view the areas as well, any time, any where, as long as we have an Internet connection.

So, every now and then we're entertained by the fact we have a 24/7 movie right in our very home.

But today, one of the helpers greeted me with some disturbing news:

We may be living with other beings, the type with no physical bodies.

It's no surprise actually.

We've long suspected those footsteps we heard (when no other person is walking) could be something paranormal.

Friendly perhaps, but paranormal nonetheless.

On numerous occasions, helpers would report they would hear one of us calling their name. They would rush to us only to be greeted by us looking puzzled since we didn't call for them.

Voice mimickers! Spooky, if you ask me.

But nothing is more bone chilling than today's news.

M was "channel surfing" through different parts of our house when he spotted a little boy in white dancing in the pathway.

The time? 6:30am (Yes, daylight!)

So we looked at the tapes hoping to find something.


But there was...nothing.

I'm. Seriously. Freaked. Out.

Maybe it was a glitch? Two people saw him dancing in real-time (M and the helper).

Could it have been my son? He was still tucked in bed at that time.

What's the lesson?

It's a great reminder of the after life, if your religion believes in that.

Ours does. And when terrifying moments like these happen, we always find our way back into prayer:

Asking the Lord to guide us in our physical life so in our after life, we are blessed to go straight to His side. Not to remain on earth like the little boy.

If you want to live better, don't wait until you see another being floating above you to start a relationship with God (again). 

Start now.

Let me know what you think of my story by commenting below and say a simple prayer or two after. :)